If you have been impacted by the flood or know others who have the information below may be helpful.  This is a PDF document.  You may also contact Deaf Focus for assistance with communication, resources, support, and other needs.

Advocacy Center Flood Relief info

Links to Organizations

The Advocacy Center 

If you have any disability-related trouble accessing flood resources and services, contact AC’s Jeanne Abadie at 1-800-960-7705 x130 or

Deaf Focus is partnering with the Advocacy Center to connect individuals with disabilities to legal representation for violations of the ADA. Please download this form listed below for referral or come by the office and we will send the information to our contacts at the Advocacy Center. 

Request for Assistance

Louisiana Association of the Deaf (LAD)

Betty and Leonard Philips Deaf Action Center, Shreveport

Louisiana Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf (LRID)

Louisiana School for the Deaf American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA)

National Association of the Deaf (NAD

Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID)


Louisiana Hands and Voices

Deaf Owned Business in Louisiana

Tate Tullier Photography – Tate Tullier

Assistance for Drivers 

For all of our Deaf/Hard of Hearing drivers out there, we would like for you to have access to a communications card you can keep on you while driving! Please present this card to any law enforcement if you are pulled over for better assistance. This card was made by Deaf Focus for securing better safety measures for our community and providing access to law enforcement. Please feel free to share!